KMS Handbook

KMS would like to thank each member of our school community for the great start to the 2019-20 school year. The first week concluded with our annual campus procedures and behavior expectations assemblies with Mrs. Keogh. We spent the first week of school teaching students campus procedures and behavior expectations. On Friday those procedures and expectations were reviewed and students had the opportunity to ask questions.  Students were made aware that enforcement of the student handbook including dress code and cell phone procedures will begin on Monday. 
Over the past two years, we have had numerous instances where cell phones were used in violation of the student handbook in our classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms. There have also been issues with students accessing social media and inappropriate content during the school day while using their personal unfiltered data plans. With KMS students having Chromebooks and district-provided WiFi with content filters to use for educational purposes we have found that cell phone use during the school day has become an unnecessary distraction to our students’ education. 
For safety and parent communication purposes students are allowed to possess cell phones at KMS and are allowed to use them on campus before and after school. Between the hours of 8:10 AM and 3:45 PM students have been made aware not to be on their phones without permission from a staff member. Students will be allowed to use the office phone if they need to contact a parent or guardian. We ask that you support these procedures and partner with us to maximize instruction time by not texting or calling your student on their phones during the school day.  If you need to contact or get a message to your student please call the front office at 949-482-2602.  We will be happy to allow them to talk to you or pass along a message. 
At KMS we are proud to support your expectations that our Bobcats Do Right! at school, at home, and in the community. The KMS Student Handbook may be accessed using the link below. We encourage you to review the handbook with your student. Information about dress code is found beginning on page 39 and information about cell phone procedures is found on page 62. We hope you are having a great weekend KMS families!  We look forward to another great week of school! 
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