35 KMS Students to Be in All Region Band

We took 86 students to the Region 2 ATSSB All-Region Middle Band Auditions on Tuesday, November 19. The Krum Middle Band will make up 25% of the All-Region band. KMS had the most students make the band out of all schools that participated. The following 31 students and 4 alternates set a new record for the highest number of students to make the band. If you see any of these students please congratulate them on their accomplishments.



Emalee Yeager, 2nd Chair

Logan John, 4th Chair

Ashley Harrison, 6th Chair



Mabry Griffin, 1st Chair

Tyler Love, 3rd Chair



Lillian Harrison, 1st Chair

Liberty Cooper, 2nd Chair


BB Clarinet:

Kyley White, 4th Chair

Ernesto Gonzalez, 10th Chair

Jaden Pratt, 14th Chair

Addi Kilmer, 15th Chair

Maci Parrent, 17th Chair


Alto Saxophone:

William Henderson, 1st Chair

Parker Cole, 2nd Chair


Tenor Saxophone:

Gabe Ayala, 2nd Chair

Baritone Saxophone:

R.J. Nish, 1st Alternate



Joshua Allen, 5th Chair

Halle Brechy, 8th Chair

Dane Hadsall, 10th Chair


French Horn:

Alex Mullins, 2nd Chair

Kylen Berry, 5th Chair

Luke Osborn, 9th Chair



Dylan Newcomb, 2nd Chair

Kameron Beutnagel, 4th Chair

Braden Mays, 9th Chair

Sean Bindley, 10th Chair

Jake Cato, 2nd Alternate



Kensey Jonker, 2nd Alternate



Zach Paul, 5th Chair

Diego Henderson, 7th Chair



Will Lombard, 1st Chair

Hudson Cook, 2nd Chair

Blessing Martinez, 3rd Chair

Garrison Pieniazek, 5th Chair

Grant Zwolensky, 2nd Alternate