KMS Choir Dominates at Region

This past weekend, 27 choir 7th/8th graders competed to gain a spot in the Region choir. Krum represented extremely well and dominated the competition with 24 students placing into the choir. Each one of these artists are amazing people and incredibly high achievers! This is clearly evident with how many acquired a high placement out of 40 singers across the area!
Congratulations to:
Serena Pollock 1st chair Alto
Josey Bagley 1st chair Sop 2
Addie Labrum 2nd chair Sop 1
Grace Boonpattrawong 2nd chair sop 2
Abagail Ayala 2nd chair Alto
Audrey Scott 3rd chair Alto
Aspen Elkington 5th chair Alto
Mallory Nish 6th chair Sop 1
Courtlyn Nish 6th chair Sop 2
Brooklyn Cagle 8th chair Alto
Harley Kern 9th chair Soprano 2
Mia Andrus 11th chair Soprano 2
Ella Eddington 12th chair Sop 1
Wendolyn Arriaga 13th chair Sop 1
Amelia Sprague 15th chair Sop 1
Tegan Pope 15th chair Alto
Idaly Nunez 20th chair Alto
River Andrus 2nd Chair Tenor 2
Aaron Nielsen 2nd chair Bass
Dylan Mcdonald 3rd chair Tenor 2
Lane Larson 4th chair Bass
Chaden Clark 6th chair Bass
Henry Day 8th chair Tenor 1
Maddox Witherspoon Tenor 1