Opportunity for a FREE IT Summer Camp!

We are excited to announce that the opportunity to sign up is now open for the NCTC IT 2022 Summer Technology Camps! It is totally FREE! But seats are limited! The Camps will take place:

   Summer Camp 1.                             Summer Camp 2.
   Mon-Thu, June 13-16                     TUE-FRI, June21-24
   Corinth NCTC Campus                 Gainesville NCTC Campus

For Students:    Currently in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades
Signup Link:     goforit.nctc.edu     (to request an application)

The Summer Camps will consist of two technologies and two locations where the Campers can choose and will receive hands on experience in these technologies:

   Industrial Technology - Drones Technology and 3D printing
   Information Technology - Cyber Security, Raspberry PI's, and Coding Robots

The attached flyer and the link above will provide instructions for parents/guardians to apply for acceptance to the camp. Each applicant's parent/guardian will receive an application packet via email when they sign up. The Students will be placed on the acceptance list once the application packet is completed and returned.