Region Choir Results

Krum Middle School Choir students participated in their All-Region Contest against 12 other schools from regions 2 and 3. They worked hard, in and outside of class, perfecting their craft and showmanship. Their hard work has certainly paid off!!
Out of 26 auditionees - 24 made the Region Choir!
Congratulation to the following men:
Tenor 1's
Mason Jenkins 5th chair
Caden Paul 7th chair
Logan Richmond 10th chair
Alex Ebelheiser 11th chair
Brayden Logan 12th chair
Tenor 2's
Jacob John 1st chair
James John 3rd chair
Joel Lovelace 4th chair
Maddox Miller 5th chair
Nathan Goff 6th chair
Haydn Wells 8th chair
River Andrus 2nd chair
Keaghan Mays 6th chair
Bradley Couture 9th chair
Patrick Wear 12th chair
Mallory Nish 1st chair
Grace McGraw 9th chair
Ella Eddington 13th chair
Soprano 2's
Abagail Ayala 1st chair
Bonnie Mills 5th chair
Lyla Elkinton 11th chair
Mia Andrus 1st chair
Addie Cain 10th chair
Haddy Furgang 13th chair
SUPER CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED! We are so incredibly proud of each of you for taking the time to better your craft for yourself and your team!! Thank you for showing up and reppin' with excellence!!!