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KMS Student Council Donates Over 2,100 Items to Troops

KMS Student Council Co-presidents, Alexa Marquez and Kelsey Warnack, spoke to a huge crowd Wednesday evening thanking those in attendance for coming to celebrate the success of the "Care Packages for Troops" campaign.  Students donated an amazing 2,100 items to the non-profit organization, "Support Our Soldiers."  Co-Founder, Teresa Nelson, thanked the KMS for their outstanding donation and support while explaining where the donated items would be sent. 
Special guests, Sargent Frazier with the Army National Guard and Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Miller, spoke of their experience overseas and how this wonderful program provided food, toiletries, and items such as pillows for them and other soldiers serving our country abroad.
After the presentation, the KMS Student Council sponsor, Teri Wall, explained the challenge made by Coach, Spence Hayes.  Coach Hayes made a deal with the student body and student council to donate 1,500 items for the campaign.  He told the students that if they were able to reach the 1,500 items, he would spend the night on the rooftop of the Krum Middle School.  Students rose to the challenge and donated 2,100 items!
Coach Hayes was lifted onto the roof with the crowd yelling, "Night night Coach Hayes!"  When asked if he would actually spend the entire night on the roof, Coach Hayes responded, "Absolutely, they did their part and I made a promise."

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