Classroom Policies

My Expectations:
I expect each of every one of my students to be respectful and responsible.  Before you make a decision to do or not to do something in my classroom, you should consider whether your choice shows respect for yourself, your peers, and me. If it doesn't, then don't do it.  It's really that simple. 
I expect you to take responsibility for your words, actions, and work ethic.  If you make a mistake, own up to it. And I will do my best to help you fix the situation and/or make different choices going forward.
Discipline Procedures:
1st Time - Warning
2nd Time - Sign the Discipline Book. (I may also move you to a new seat.)
3rd Time - Sign the Discipline Book and fill out a behavior reflection form (due within two days). I will call your parent/guardian.
4th Time - Sign the Discipline Book + Principal Referral.