Emily Sabetti » Welcome to Krum Choir!

Welcome to Krum Choir!

About Ms. Sabetti
Ms. Sabetti is the Associate Choir Director at Krum Middle and High School. She received her Bachelor's degree in Vocal Music Education from Oklahoma State University. She lives with her three fish; Herman, Lenny, and Mo; and she enjoys reading and cooking in her free time. A native of Plano, TX, Ms. Sabetti is happy to be back in her home state, and excited to have joined the Krum ISD faculty and community.
About Krum Choir
There is a choir for every kind of student in Krum - from experienced musicians to first-time singers. Students in Krum Choirs learn to sing with exceptional tone, exercise musical literacy, and participate in performances and competitions. For more information about choir, please visit Ms. Wheless's page.