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Hey!! I'm Tiria Martin aka Coach Martin :)
Being a Krum Alumni, I am very excited to be back, as I start my 2nd year as a teacher/coach. I think it will be important to incorporate the old school traditions I once learned, to today's youth. My expectations of my athletes/students are high but obtainable. My goal each year is to have the students in my class to become independent, successful learners and thinkers. The only way for your child to reach that goal is for us to work together as a team. I want to stress the importance of self-advocacy for my students as well as my athletes and communication from them is key. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have. I will check my email, and return calls during my conference time. Email is the best way to contact me.
940)482-6000 ext 3083
1st  8-845 Athletics
2nd 850-935 7/8 PE
3rd 1015-11 Pre-Athletics
4th 1105-1150 Health
5th Conference & Lunch
6th 115-2 Pre-Athletics
7th 205-250 Health
8th 255-340 Athletics