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My name is Ryleigh Thompson, I am a fourth-year teacher but this is my first year at Krum Middle School. This year I will be teaching:
6th grade pre-athletics
7th/8th grade PE
Coaching 7th/8th grade volleyball and track
I look forward to getting to know everyone here at Krum and joining the Bobcat family! I know this is going to be a great year!  
Ryleigh Thompson 
(940)482-6000 ext 3072
Conference: 7th Period 2:05pm-2:50pm
Period  Class Time 
1 7th Grade Athletics 8:00-8:45
2 6th Grade Pre-Athletics  8:50-9:35
  WIN  9:40-10:10
3 7th/8th Grade PE 10:15-11:00
4 Lunch Duty  11:00-11:30
5 6th Grade Pre-Athletics 11:55-12:40
  LUNCH  12:40-1:10
6 7th/8th Grade PE  1:15-2:00
7 Conference  2:05-2:50
8 8th Grade Athletics  2:55-3:35