Beginning Band Information

 Greetings Bobcat Beginner Band members and parents!

We are so excited to begin learning how to play instruments. Find your instrument below to see what materials you need for Beginning Band. Now that all students have been placed on instruments by directors we can begin purchasing the supplies needed. We work exclusively with Brook Mays Music to provide instruments and supplies for students. Below are the instructions for getting started through Brook Mays’ Rent-to-own program:

Step 1: go to

Step 2: Click on the supply list for your instrument.

Step 3: Click on the instrument you want to rent OR select “I already have or own an instrument”. If you already have your own instrument, please contact a band director to make sure you have an instrument that is approved by the directors. The following instruments are provided by the school because of the size and cost: Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Euphonium, and Tuba. Students playing these instruments do not need to rent or buy one.

Step 4: Select the supplies needed for that instrument. In some cases, you may already have these things and will not need to buy them. Everything on the supply list is required.

Step 5: Add to your cart the things you need and follow the instructions for checking out. Everything will be delivered to the band hall and the directors will put it in their band hall locker upon delivery. 

We encourage you to find the best deal possible when purchasing instruments and supplies.  Rent-to-own from Brook Mays Music is the most popular option. If you are choosing a vendor other than Brook Mays, please check with a director first. There are a few instrument companies that will tell you their instruments “are suitable for school band” when they really mean “these are toys for elementary school bands”. All instruments should be of normal color and material! Many times an unsuspecting parent can end up with unplayable junk and the student will not be allowed to play on something that doesn’t work. The Krum Band Directors highly recommend the Rent-to-own program at Brook Mays, especially due to COVID-19. We recommend Brook Mays because of their quality products, service, and price. 

Our students can’t wait to begin playing, so please order your instrument/supplies as soon as possible.  Please communicate any questions or concerns directly with Mr. Miller or Mr. Farris. We want all of our students to be able to participate, regardless of financial circumstances, we will work with you if there is a need. We are so excited that you have chosen to participate in the Krum Band Program.

Justin Miller, Assistant Band Director

[email protected]

Ryan Farris, Assistant Band Director

[email protected]


Carol Turner, Fine Arts Consultant

[email protected]





Band members can order supplies through the Brook Mays website (delivered to school) or supplies may be purchased from the directors (checks payable to the KMS Band).  You can view/print an order form to purchase from a director here.
Additionally, students should download a Metronome app and Tuner app for their smartphone for individual practice.