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Krum HS/MS CHORAL Mission Statement

To empower students with

~qualities of character; specifically integrity, responsibility, citizenship, service, pride, cooperation, and respect

~the competency to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in a free market system, continued support for the future of the arts, and

~the compassion to exercise their gifts for the betterment of all humanity
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VAL-O-GRAM SALES start Tuesday, February 2nd!
calendar COMING UP SOON...
Th, Feb 11: student half day
Tues, Feb 2: Val-o-Gram sales begin
Mon, Feb 8: Val-o-Gram virtual deliveries begin
Fri, Feb 12: no school
Fri, Feb 26: student half day
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Laura Wheless, Director:
940-435-2148 (KHS)
Emily Sabetti, Associate Director:
940-435-3084 (KMS)