2019-2020 Mandatory PRE-AP Summer Project

2019-2020 Mandatory Summer Project

Incoming 6th Grade Pre-AP English and Reading


This assignment is due at the beginning of class on the first day of school on Wednesday, August 14 and will be counted as a test grade.  Failure to complete the assignment and submit on August 14th may not  result in removal from Pre-AP if the master schedule will not allow for this change.  Therefore, you will start your year off with a failing grade.  This assignment is reflective of our expectations of a Pre-AP student.  If you feel you would be a better fit in a regular class, please make that decision and speak with your counselor by the last day of school this year.  Late work WILL NOT be accepted.


  • Pre AP students should read the book Out of my Mind, by Sharon Draper.  
  • Complete 10 handwritten or typed (preferred) character diary entries focused on events that occurred in the novel.
  • Each entry should be written in first person as if you are a main character in the book.
  • Each entry should be focused on a separate important event that takes place in the book.
  • Each entry must be at least one page in length hand-written (do not skip lines) or ½ page typed (double spaced/ 12 point font).
  • The back of each entry must have a colorful illustration representing or symbolizing the content of the entry and should take up the entire page.

Grading Rubric:  Each diary entry is worth 10 total points.  The points for each entry are distributed as follows:

  • Entry is based on the book (3 points)
  • Entry is one full page hand-written or ½ page typed (2 points)
  • Entry is focused on one unique event in the novel (2 points)
  • Entry is written in first person (2 points)
  • Entry includes a colorful illustration that takes up one full page (1 point)


  • Create a cover page with the title of the assignment (Pre-AP Summer Reading and English Project 2019-2020), your full name, and the due date
  • Submit in a 3 hole presentation folder (Clear front Recommended)