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Class Information


Advanced 6th Grade Math/8th Grade Math

Advanced 6th Grade Math/8th Grade Math is one of those subjects where your child will be learning something new every day, therefore it is imperative that your child comes to school ready to learn.  The information below will help you understand how I set up and run my classroom to promote learning.  

  • To ensure success, your child will need to come to tutoring if they do not understand a concept. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • We take notes EVERYDAY in class.  I expect each student to participate and follow along as the class reviews old material and discusses new material.  There will be examples of problems as well as new vocabulary for each unit.  If they come home and have forgotten how to complete the assignment, they WILL have notes to use as a reference.
  • I expect the class to follow the class rules that are posted on my wall.  

Classroom Expectations:

  1. I expect that you will bring all of your materials to class every day.  This includes the following; Google Chromebook (charged and ready to use), Math Binder, pencil, paper, highlighters, planner and homework

  1. I expect you to show respect to everyone in this classroom.  You might not agree with someone, or me, but you can respectfully disagree.

  1. I expect EVERYONE to participate while in my class.

  1. I expect you to show YOUR WORK and/or THOUGHT PROCESS on all problems.

  1. I expect you to come to this class TO LEARN AND BE SUCCESSFUL.  

Consequences for Disruption of Class:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Student/Teacher “mini” conference in hall
  3. Parent Contact by phone or e-mail
  4. Office  Referral

Certain Behaviors will result in an immediate office referral upon teacher discretion.

Late work policy:

  • 1 Day Late: Can result in a loss of a maximum of 30 points  
  • 2 Days Late: Can result in a loss of a maximum of 50 points  
  • 3 Days Late: ZERO

Calculators(8th Grade ONLY):

I will have a class set of calculators for the students to use during class time.  These will not be checked out to students for their assignments/projects.