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Krum Middle School

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UIL Try-outs

Please join Google Classroom for the UIL events that you are interested in trying out for. Once you join, you will be able to learn when tryouts are. 

Art   u j p k q g j    Mrs. Gale

Calculator Applications   w l 5 2 3 c 2   Mrs. Johnson

Chess Puzzle  n b t j e q q    Mr. Cunningham

Dictionary Skills  t z e s o 5 h    Mrs. Banks

Editorial Writing 7 i q 7 3 3 w    Mrs. Morcovescu

Impromptu Speaking   j 2 y l b f k    Mrs. Vanzant



Maps, Graphs and Charts  r k n z a o w   Mrs. Johnson

Modern Oratory  

Music Memory   l w h u 5 e o    Mrs. Steele

Number Sense   j u b a o r 4    Ms. Gee

One Act Play  v j y 4 k w i    Mrs. Gray

Oral Reading  v 6 q m f a j    Mrs. Vanzant

Ready Writing  m w 6 e a n i    Ms. Crow

Science  7th grade: 6 d c b e n z    Mrs. Duke

                8th grade:  t j 6 s u g 6 

Social Studies  l l z c 2 d f     

Spelling     q s k a v l x      Mrs. Banks